“Me and my colleagues are going to the courses constantly, even if we have over 20 years in the field. The reason is simple, it only stands in the “court”, you get rid of some things, you can not keep up with everything and are always new, and so we refresh our baggage all the time. Besides, you always find new cases from other students and it’s good. If it happens to you, you’ll know how to fix it. “

Catalin Zamfirescu

“I have been working for 12 years in the field, for 7 years I have attended Auto Academy courses. No matter how much I know, I always learn something new ”

Catalin Marius Codrut

“I have been going for a few years at Auto Academy courses, honestly, I have forgotten exactly how many. I have been working in the field for 14 years and yet it has taken me to a course with the impression that I know everything well, but at the end I realize I knew them well. Where I knew they were, I got to know them a lot better. [….] Now I have no excitement when it comes to tests and diagnostics, it gives you extra safety in front of the work “

Ciprian Radoi