Auto Total Training

Starting in January 2009, AD Auto Total provided training for over 5,000 car mechanics in its Training Centers.

Diplomas recognized nationally and internationally

Courses organized by The School for Mechanics are authorized in Romania by the National Council for Adult Vocational Training, under the aegis of the Ministry of Labor and Social Justice, as well as internationally, following a partnership developed with Euricar.

Our mission

Our mission is to contribute to the development of human resources in multi-brand automotive services in Romania by developing specialization courses that meet the specific training needs identified by our experts.


The transformation processes of the automotive industry in recent years and the evolution of the knowledge-based society are significant challenges for the training system. Besides acquiring a high level of qualification, relevance and quality of training for learners becomes significant. This is why quality assurance in vocational and technical education gains new valences. The developments in Romania of The School for Mechanics programs are inspired by the efforts made at European level in the field.

We propose:

  • Orientation of the services offered by The School for Mechanics as much as possible to the foreign markets, besides the training provided at national level. At this time we offer consultancy for professionals in England and Bulgaria. Follows Ireland and Croatia.

  • Developing the virtual learning environment.

  • Constantly increasing the quality of the services provided. The sustained involvement in the continuous improvement and supervision of the quality of the offered courses and of the conditions in which the training programs take place. Constantly giving coursebooks to news. Constantly integrating learner feedback into program development.

Training centers
Years of experience


Each course examines in detail the systems present on the various car brands, providing information on the components both as a function and as a diagnosis. Training courses focus on the practical side, with cars and simulators specially prepared for malfunctions.

Thus, mechanics are confronted with real situations, being required to use and learn to work with measurement and diagnostic tools to enable them to follow the procedures necessary to repair defects.

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