Infotehnic platform

In response to the constant need for new information and technical support for repairs, AUTO AD AUTO TOTAL MACHINES, in partnership with Eina Digital SL Spain, comes with two solutions dedicated to car services:

  • Expertise of InfoTehnic AD AUTO TOTAL specialists in solving technical problems in real time.
  • The InfoTehnic platform provides technical assistance for extremely rapid resolution of mechanical, electrical / automotive problems, automotive diagnosis, and interpretation of systems and equipment errors.
  • Call center services are available on a yearly basis.
platforma infotehnic

The advantages these solutions offer are:

  • Using the InfoTehnic Platform;

  • Technical solutions in real time;

  • The possibility for the service user to create an incident file depending on the brand / model / type of motor, the problem and request technical information tailored to the incident.

Clearly defined times for problem solving:

  • Level I – Approximate delivery time of the solution: 40 minutes;

  • Level II – Duration of solving extraordinary problems: 24h;

Work schedule InfoTehnic Platform:

The service can be contacted via the online or telephone platform.

*Only people who work in car services and who participate in the “Ad Auto Total School for Mechanics” training courses have access to the InfoTehnic Platform.